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Case Study: ReMark

Case Study

“iPipeline has been our partner in the development of the POP strategy. They combine enterprise class system skills with a deep understanding of the financial services industry. iPipeline represents the state-of-the-art technology for the design, execution, analysis and refinement of multi-product, multi channel marketing.”
-Brad Smith, President, Americas

ReMark, the world leader in policyholder marketing, saw erosion in its developed markets. While able to execute excellently and deliver the best in class results from its core programs, ReMark recognized the need to be more strategic with its clients and take a broader role in driving their profitability. It was clear that technology had a role to play in ReMark’s evolution.


ReMark and iPipeline have partnered to address the needs of North American Insurance and Bancassurance market. ReMark has adopted iPipeline Continuous Marketing as the heart of its Policyholder Optimization Process (POP). iPipeline is the technology that enables ReMark to bind its customers’ partnerships and implement a strategy of driving a consistent stream of upgrade and cross sell offers.


ReMark now presents the POP strategy to all of it new clients. The strategy is at the heart of increasing the tenure at its flagship North American clients and has elevated ReMark’s pitch to top tier insurers and banks.

  • Simplifies the extraction of data from legacy policyholder systems
  • Provides user-friendly mining and segmentation tools
  • Provides campaign management tools to allow ReMark to effectively manage and adapt campaigns for its clients
  • Gives ReMark the real-time insight into campaigns as they execute to maximize revenue and retention for their clients

iPipeline is now in operation at several of ReMark’s key clients, including CIBC Life and Transamerica Life Canada.