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A Comprehensive Business Platform Strategy for Fraternal Organizations

Presenters: Harald Borrmann, CEO & Chair of the Board, Catholic United Financial and Bill O’Toole, President & CEO, Catholic Financial Life

Visionaries run their companies with imagination, always looking at the big picture with an open mind. Their positive energy is infectious, motivating their organizations to take that leap…

Conventus Now, a new venture combining Catholic Financial and Catholic United, shares their strategy for streamlining new business operations and modernizing policy administration. Hear from the CEOs of both organizations as they discuss their mission, and the search for a comprehensive platform that began with 33 vendors and ended with 1 strategic partner, iPipeline.

Case Study: Conventus Now

Case Study

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“We are focused on modernizing new business and in-force operations for our fraternal
insurers with next-generation technologies that lower the cost of customer acquisition
and better service the needs of our members. iPipeline’s industry leadership and record
of success emerged as the key factors influencing our decision to move forward with the
– Jeff Piotrowski, SVP, Information Technology and Insurance Services

Conventus Now is a joint venture between Catholic Financial Life and Catholic United Financial. With
assets of $1.65 billion and nearly 140,000 members across the United States, Catholic Financial Life
has grown to be the second largest Catholic, not-for-profit financial services organization in the United States. Catholic United Financial is a not-for-profit, fraternal benefit company serving more than 75,000 members in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

The goal for Conventus Now was to modernize and automate their business processes by developing a
technology and operations platform that would benefit both societies. This platform would provide an end-to-end digital solution to increase membership engagement by promoting online self-service, while equipping agents with the tools they needed to support members throughout their life events. Realizing a dramatic reduction in operational costs without having an impact on the personal touch that is so endearing to a membership base was also front of mind.

Pain Points

Both societies faced legacy challenges, including:

  • Declining Membership Base

  • Narrow footprint- existing members not
    utilizing wide scope of products/services
  • No self-service or digital experience for
  • High operational costs
  • 3+ decade old PAS systems


Through a meticulous partner evaluation process,
Conventus Now selected iPipeline’s SSG Digital®
platform with the next-gen PAS+® policy administration system to serve as their vehicle in this groundbreaking initiative. Based on the focus areas of Culture, Product, and Cost, iPipeline demonstrated the mantra that “the people are the fit” through a commitment to partnership, a desire for mutual success, and a vision for a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with best
of breed e-App.

The selection allows for the goal of providing
accelerated growth, improving member services, and
lowering the cost of new customer acquisition through the development of standardized processes and shared guiding principles. The result of this technology partnership will also provide the possibility for other fraternal benefit societies to utilize the developed solutions in the future.

Anticipated Impact

The initial phase of the project is ongoing, however expected outcomes highlights include:

↑ 200% member digital interaction ↓ 30-50% product setup time
↑ 20-30% operational efficiency ↓ 20-30% turnaround time across the board
↑ digital capabilities ↓ 30% implementation/conversion costs*
↑ omni-channel membership view ↓ claim processing time
↑ foundation for future growth ↓ application to issue time

* versus completing the project individually