What it means
to be a ‘Piper’

Around here, our employees are affectionately known as Pipers. If you asked them, they’d probably tell you about the fun, energetic, “can do” vibe in our offices. Which is cool, because there’s no doubt that these folks are the key contributing factor to our continued success as a company, but…

We’re about more than being a comfortable place to do your work. Being a Piper means seeing the bigger impact our software makes.

To take on a role here is to understand the part you play in millions of lives. By way of our technology, you are making a significant difference in people’s financial security.

Let’s face it: the life insurance and annuities industry at its core is about mortality. It’s about how folks pick themselves back up and carry on after the most unimaginable grief. Now, before you get too introspective and depressed, let’s pause your emo playlist and look at it from a different perspective. While this loss is beyond measure, what if there’s a different way we can help? You see, times like these always come with the added (and often under-anticipated) complication of financial hardship.

Too many people are ill-prepared to leave their families in a good place when they’re gone. As a Piper, you should want to help change that.

Are We a Match?

Look, you might have seen this moniker and snickered a little. You might have thought about that creepy Pied Piper of Hamelin with his flute and legion of rats. Maybe you envisioned HBO’s “Silicon Valley” or Piper from “Orange Is the New Black”? No? What about a small airplane from Piper Aircraft? That’s probably a stretch huh?

All jokes aside, becoming a Piper is becoming a part of our family. We’re proud of the culture we’ve created here- it’s a distinction that is one of our biggest assets. We believe in having a good time, but when it’s time to get down to business, we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and jump in. Above all, we want your wellness to be a priority. We want to ensure that when you come into the fold with us, you’re living your best life. It’s the Piper way.


Oh right, compensation and benefits… yeah, we offer that stuff too. We thought we might have had you at the pop culture references.

  • Competitive salary

  • Generous time off and flexible work/life balance

  • Company-matched retirement packages

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan

  • Discounted gym memberships

  • Numerous athletic teams and clubs

  • And we’re always adding more!

Keep Exploring…

If all this is sounding good to you, let’s talk. We’re always looking to expand our family of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a difference in the financial security of others.

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