Connections 2019: More Than a User Conference

  • Brittany Fish

For those of you that are just hearing of Connections for the first time, technically speaking, it is a User Conference. But I’m hard-pressed to categorize it that way because it really is so much more.

If we don’t want to call this event a conference, then what is it?

A Meeting of the Minds
With nearly 700 attendees and more than 40 guest speakers, Connections provides a venue for industry visionaries to converge and collaborate. iPipeline believes that, while each of our business challenges may be unique, there is always something to be learned from the trials and successes of our peers. Connections is a place to explore the commonality in our hurtles and collaborate toward trailblazing solutions.

A Learning Experience
Connections has been organized to provide you with as many educational sessions as you can pack into 3 days. With breakout sessions like The Missing Link Between Paper and STP: iGO Link®, DocFast® Upsell Enhancements, and InsureSight Analytics for Carriers, FIs and Distributors, you’re sure to leave with new knowledge to help you optimize your investment in your iPipeline solutions. You can attend a product breakout to find new ways to digitize your business or attend an HR-driven session to learn about building your corporate culture or properly onboarding new employees.

A Lesson in Surviving and Thriving in the Future
We all have our noses buried in our work for 40+ hours a week, a grind that’s necessary to achieve our professional goals. But with our heads always down, hyper-focused on the day-to-day, we tend to lose the ability to spot opportunities to innovate. Monday’s keynote speaker, Mike Walsh, will force you to pause what you’re doing, reflect on your current approaches, and find the “a-ha” moment needed to catapult your business to the next level.

A Technical Showcase
Through product-specific roadmap and user sessions, you’ll have an insider’s look into where your business-critical iPipeline solutions will be growing over the next year, a chance to see exclusive product demos, and the opportunity to discuss best practices. A 3-hour long Partner Tech Showcase & luncheon gives you a front row seat to demonstrations from iPipeline’s leading technology partners.

A Downright Good Time
As educational as Connections is, it’s equally as fun! From the opening night party atop the Cosmopolitan to a mind-blowing performance by Tuesday’s keynote speaker, Oz Pearlman, there’s no shortage of entertainment. And what could be more fun than the possibility of winning a Rolex or trip to Ireland?

It’s understandable that you’d think “conference” when you hear about Connections—it takes place in Las Vegas, where over 19,000 conferences are held each year, there are keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and an exhibitor hall. I get it, it has all the key components of a great conference. But attend in 2019 and see for yourself why it’s much more.

To learn more about Connections and sign up to attend, visit the registration page today!